TrustCB has been chosen by NXP as the centralised Certification Body for the MIFARE Security Certification scheme. As such, TrustCB is entrusted by NXP to make decisions on its behalf about the capability of products to protect assets against state-of-the-art attackers, and to maintain a high assurance level of the labs, methodologies and security analyses.

The MIFARE Security Certification scheme is used by NXP to enable implementers of the MIFARE technology (such as licensees and NXP itself) to demonstrate that a specific product protects the assets in the MIFARE-compliant product against state-of-the-art attackers, thereby also protecting the MIFARE brand and reputation.

MIFARE v3.0 trials have now completed and v3.0 is formally released for all new MIFARE evaluations.

TrustCB has licensed the following labs for the MIFARE scheme:

  • Brightsight B.V.

TrustCB has awarded the following labs with Candidate status, reflecting that confidence in the lab’s technical competence to perform MIFARE evaluations, while full Licensing is pending:

  • Riscure B.V.
  • Applus+

Further details of the licensed labs can be found under Labs

We currently have a vacancy on the Advisory Committee for TrustCB for a representative of MIFARE users.  If your organisation is a user of MIFARE products and is interested in providing a user perspective of the MIFARE scheme on the board, please send an email to [email protected], we would like to hear from you.


MIFARE Application

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