In the event that a TrustCB customer wants to appeal against a decision made by TrustCB or raise an issue concerning the operation of TrustCB, the customer is encouraged to raise the concern with the customer’s point of contact in TrustCB. This will enable the concern to be investigated and resolved. The TrustCB point of contact will acknowledge receipt of a complaint/appeal and will keep the customer apprised of progress.

The following details should be provided to the customer point of contact for any complaint or appeal raised:

  1. Certification ID of related task
  2. Reason for compliant/appeal
  3. Supporting evidence for complaint/appeal

A third party within TrustCB shall be assigned to collect information about the concern, review it, and then form an objective, independent and fair judgement on any claim or appeal filed. TrustCB shall provide formal notice of the outcome and end of the process to the complainant/appellant.

If, however, the customer is unsatisfied with the response and wants to escalate the concern, the customer is at liberty to raise the issue to a higher level in the Scheme’s chain of command and, if necessary, up to the CEO of TrustCB.

Ultimately, any customer who still feels that the issue has not been addressed sufficiently can escalate the concern to the Advisory Board of TrustCB.

To escalate a concern to the Advisory Board, please complete the following information clearly and concisely and then send it to [email protected]:

Certification ID of related task
Name of customer point of contact
Customer point of contact Details (including telephone number and e-mail address)
Name of TrustCB point of contact
Details of original complaint/appeal
Submission date of complaint/appeal
Date of complaint/appeal response from TrustCB
Reason for escalation of issue
Supporting evidence for escalation